Place Orders with the akomark

The akomark website & app lets you find and purchase physical items. Items placed in your Cart from the akomark Shopping app will also be visible on the website.

Note: From the akomark app for Android phone, you can also shop for digital items, such as movies, apps, games, Kindle and e-books. To install the Akomark App, visit

To order from the akomark Shopping app:

  1. Visit the product detail page for an item you wish to buy.
  2. Tap Add to Cart.
  3. When you’ve finished adding items to your cart, tap the Shopping Cart icon.
  4. If you need to edit the items in your Cart, tap Save for later or Delete next to the item in the Cart.
  5. Tap Proceed to checkout and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Review your order information and tap Place your order to complete your purchase.

You’ll see an order confirmation screen when your purchase has been completed.